Solving the Big Questions As If Thinking Matters (First Edition)

Why Materialism, Evolution, and Religion Have It Wrong

Hardcover: 9780918112132
Paperback: 9780918112163
Nothing could be more fundamental than the questions of: Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? Nothing could be more true than the fact that virtually no one has answers they can rationally defend.

If we do not know our origin or destiny, then we cannot know how to properly live. The world’s precariousness, and the prevailing sense of futility and meaninglessness are symptoms of either having no answers, or having the wrong ones.

Experts in religion, philosophy, and science have reached no consensus in spite of thousands of years of trying. So the average person either latches onto some convenient and attractive belief propped up with desire, hope, and faith, or gives up and ignores the topics altogether.

This iconoclastic book offers the promise of turning that all around. The key is to put honest thinking and evidence ahead of materialistic, religious, scientific, or philosophic ideologies. Pursuing truth in this way, and without fear of where it might lead, is arguably our highest responsibility.

When we approach the big questions as if thinking matters, we are led to exactly where the world needs to go, a place of honesty, truth, confidence, solutions, and love. Dr. Wysong masterfully teaches us how to reach within, use our own minds, consider honestly all the evidence, and remain open-minded. The result, although unpalatable to any who have the sureness of untested beliefs, is beautiful in its simplicity and wonderful in the hope, meaning, and purpose it brings.

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