The Thinking Person’s Master Key to Health

An entertaining and thought-provoking look at how human and pet health should be approached.

This-one hour CD encapsulates over 30 years of Dr. Wysong’s thought and research on health, medicine, and prevention.

Few people realize that the modern paradigm of health care is dangerously flawed. The solution is not cheaper drugs, lower medical insurance rates, or free universal health care. More of the same is not the solution.

As Dr. Wysong proves, using the medical profession’s own scientific literature, modern health care is the number one killer in modern society. That’s because doctors are not taught about what creates health, but are rather immersed in a technology that focuses on naming diseases and treating symptoms. Medical intervention flouts the body’s own healing mechanisms and introduces disruptions in the form of surgery and allopathic drugs that often do more harm than good.

Dr. Wysong explains that the key to health is to understand our genetic roots in prehistory and respect them. By (figuratively) returning to the wild we tune to our proper place in the natural order of things and permit our minds and bodies to reverse disease and achieve the true health we were designed for.

This is not yet another formula of dos, don’ts, and rigid arbitrary rules. Rather, Dr. Wysong employs the highest ideal of teaching: helping those who want to learn reach within to understand and obey what they already intuitively know.

In this thought provoking discourse you will learn how to make day-to-day choices so you, your family, and pets can achieve optimal health.

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