Wysong Directory of Alternative Resources

A unique collection of health and environmental resources.

This is where to turn to find alternative resources to achieve health and a better life. Although alternative ideas are usually sought only after conventional mainstream choices fail, they should be given equal billing. After all, every bad idea in history was at one time thought to be convention and mainstream. We will never advance if we do not probe the edges of what is believed to be certain.

This Directory provides information and choices for all who seek a better world and wish to prevent and reverse disease safely by being in tune with nature.

Assembled for over a decade, the Directory is the place to turn when you don’t know where to turn, or just want to be a more enlightened and healthy citizen.

Subjects include:
• Health & Disease
• Alternative Medicine
• Food & Nutrition
• Environmental
• Consumer Help & Protection
• Family Help
• Survival & Self Defense
• Political Action
• Travel
• Index

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